Sunday, August 12, 2007

Sunny Sunday

I decided I was finally going to cut my hair. I'd been wanting to do it for years. And, no that wasn't a piece that had forgotten to be cut. I left it there to twirl in my fingers while deep in thought about layouts, techniques, and turning trash to cherished treasures. Yes, I looove my new cut -- 6 inches, Rhonda estimated.

This is the way I used to have it in high school -- circa Daisy Gamble's bob in On a Clear Day.

Rebecca told me I would look like an old lady if I cut it. I beg to differ.

In other news, we started the Altered Book Club yesterday. The turn out was small, but seems promising. I have so many ideas and I'm really excited to see something like this take off! Zoom! (cheesy, I know). I hear my husband's soft 'zzzz's so I think I will join him. Whatever will I dream up this afternoon.