Wednesday, June 18, 2008

So long...

It's been forever since I've updated. Between nacho supreme cravings and closing of schools, it's been a busy-big-bellied month. Did you know tomatoes have been taken off the menu? Well, the new crave is Turkey Hot Dogs -- with lots of mustard! This summer have been a great time for me to relax. I've been home with Mimi putting up my feet and playing Sims2. Coming into my second week home it seems to be coming to life, the CREATIVITY! This spurt is thanks to the following artists who have inspired me with their NEW albums! Music is just such a great way to get those juices to flow!

I'm working on a new type of altered book. Instead of pages, I cut out a niche and did some layering as well as had some awesome fun with paints and rub-ons. Sneaky Peeky to follow.