Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Kit Project

Well, I recieved a yummy package of goodies about a week and a half ago. The Paper Niche is doing KITS!!! Hooray! Fun! I'll be designing one soon, too. This one was put together by the sweet and beautiful, Bonita. As we were trying to come up with some snazzy names, we talked about it looking very 'Gypsy' and 'Morracian' and like 'the beach at sunset' -- needless to say, the name of the kit is still in the works. However, I still worked feverishly on it. And mostly today because of the fatigue I feel during the week. I still can't believe how much stuff I was able to make with everything. Here's what I did. Enjoy! And as always, comments = LOVE. Thanks!

(6) 12 x 12 layouts

(3) Cards(1) Mini
There you have it, folks! 10 projects!!!! The Paper Niche rocks.