Wednesday, January 2, 2008

This is the [scrap]life!

I've been scrapping now for hours, while listening to Project Runway epis. I am just so amazed by the talent I see. Youtube is just the best! Here is today's creation. I call it Your Kiss. I was going to write the song lyrics up on the top right hand corner of my hubby's photo. But idk. If anyone is reading, would you care to comment?

The Little Scrap Shop

After recieveing this email...

Hi Melissa,
Thanks for uploading the additional layouts to the gallery. My girls are in love with your work, however we're concerned with the quality of the photos of the LOs that you placed in the gallery. They are pretty hard to see, crooked, and fairly low quality. One of the most important tasks as a design team member is to be able to clearly show completed projects as well as step-by-step projects in the gallery and on the blog. We want our readers to see us as professionals, and quality photos of our work are a big part of that.
I wrote an article on the blog not too long ago about placing layouts online, which included some tips about scanning and photographing your layouts.
If you can, please read the article and re-photograph or scan your layouts for submission and email them to me so I can share them with the other girls. If we can get good quality images of your layouts, you will be advancing to the next round!

I asked my husband to please buy me a camera.


So, I took more pictures of my pages and reposted them. I figured it would be better to reload them on the DT Contest page. It would show my effort than just emailing them. And guess what? I was right. This is the email that followed.

They are perfect! Thank you for taking the time and effort to reload the images. I can let you know that thanks to your extra time, you'll definitely be going through to round two, so be prepared - we have some lovely challenges ready for you guys!! ;)

I am definitely happy about this.
I wonder what challenges lay before me.....