Sunday, April 27, 2008

One big FAT post!

There has been so much going on as of late. And no posts from me. As Ricky says, "You've got some splaining to do." I'll try and fit it all in one post, if you can hang in there long enough.

1. First of all, recently it seems as though I've become a complete scatter brain. This baby has got to come out with some smarts, because he/she seems to be sucking the brain right from out of me. Thus, I go to my trusty planning book where I try to keep all my inspiration (if and when it comes).
2. Next, I'll provide the latest baby update. According to recent fetal measuring, it seems as though my little bun will be arriving a little earlier than we orginally thought (Oct. 4th). The blessing may be happening as early as Sept. 21st. Wow. I'm up to 17 weeks now and still haven't felt movement. I am hoping to feel that soon, looking so forward to that.

3. Exciting news is only six days. Sex scanning appointment scheduled for this Saturday! At the beginning, I thought about how wonderful it would be to welcome a gorgeous little boy into the world, but now thinking more and more, a girl would be so sweet. And perousing those adorable baby girl dresses makes me go GAGA!
4. A craft update leads me to talk about the lastest and greatest Paper Niche April Premier. It was a great turn out and the room looked so packed with great ideas, so difficult to take it all in. Also, couldn't stay far away from the food YUM YUM! I also treated myself to a glass of sangria TRIPLE YUM. Photos: Tables -1 Yours Truly 2 Leah's 3 Krista's 4 Krista and Cary (doesn't that look like THE place to be!)

5. Yesterday, I spent a few hours playing around with the Cricket machine getting ready for a class on Tuesday. What a nifty machine! Here's a few pics of the class details and layout.

6. When I got home, I was all ready to finally play with May's kit (my own creation). I think I will call this Paper Lantern Love.

7. Now, did you catch that I said, I WAS ready to start? Well, I never did get around to that because the rest of my Saturday night (5:30pm - 9:30pm) was spent with Linear Equations, graphing them, Solving by substitution, and working with Linear combinations. That's right, I got drunk this Saturday night. My little 15 year and I did about 40 shots of Algebra! Poor eraser, he never had a chance!

8. I did get to spend some time with my hubby. Even the smallest adventure requires the XM hook-up. And can you tell I woke him up earlier than he wanted?

9. I woke him up early for a delicious breakfast at Paradise Cafe. He didn't complain.

10. And here I am, weekend's done and at 12:44am, I can't sleep. Could it be the Chocolate Mocha I treated myself to?


princess scraps said...

great post... i enjoyed your weekend!

MIKE said...

that was the best post i've ever read. i loved how you put a picture after every section. :)

leah said...

Sounds like fun! Can't wait to paly with your kit! :)

michael said...

Wow Baby ... I love the way you blog! I hope our little boy is as creative as you!

Anonymous said...

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