Saturday, October 11, 2008

New Arrival

Seth Gabriel Oliva
7 lbs. 4 oz.
Tuesday, September 23rd
5:30pm - felt some cramping Are these pre-labor contractions?
6:00pm - started to time the "contractions" This is definitely the real thing
7:00pm - steady flow of contractions every 5 min. One right after another!
8:00pm - wondering when to call doctor, some bleeding Have I dialated?
9:00pm - contractions remain 5 min. apart, intensifying Ouch!
10:00pm - begin to prepare to drive to hospital Load up the car!
11:00pm - arrive at hospital What do you mean I didn't pre-register?
Wednesday, September 24th
12:00am - not dialated, no admittance I am not opening at all?
1:00am - back home, hard contractions every 5 min. Double ouch!
2:00am - strong pains, pacing the house How do I get through this?
3:00am - strong pains, bounce on excercise ball Remember this is just the beginning!
4:00am - strong pains, more bleeding I guess I won't rest at all tonight...
5:00am - strong pains, practice relaxation methods with husband Breathe in.... breathe out....
6:00am - leave for hospital "Honey, I'm taking you NOW!"
7:00am - 2 - 3 cm. dialated, admittace finally, some progress
8:00am - asked about epidural Is this really happening?
9:00am - set up in delivery room Call mom and dad
10:00am - parents and brother arrive Still trying to get through those pains
10:30am - epidural ((ahhhh.......))
11:00am - shivers from epidural, ((still ahhh.....))
12:00pm - aunt arrives, take a nap actually got some shut eye
1:00pm - 6 cm. dialated "And you are doing this all on your own..."
2:00pm - doctor comes by "You are doing great!"
3:00pm - 9 cm. dialated Wow, he's almost here
4:00pm - will deliver within the hour Really?
5:00pm - epidural runs dry What do you mean it's too late for more?!
5:30pm - baby delivered naturally Now I know the true meaning of labor!


Bonita Baksh said...

hey Melissa! Congrats, He is beautiful. You will have to post more pics soon. WOW, ALL NATURAL, YOU GO GIRL!! Good to see you back also.

debirosenberg said...

Hi Momma,
Well the big day has arrived and what a day it was. He is adorable. The joy has just begun. I wish for you and the new addition only the best. Love ya, Debi

krisi said...

Congrats! i am very happy for you!