Friday, July 3, 2009

Little Man

9 months milestones checklist:
* = demonstrated
- = not yet reached

* Creep, crawl and otherwise get around the room
* Pull up in the bed or on furniture and begin "cruising" around the room (sooo doing this!)

* Responds to his or her own name (seth, seth gabriel, papo)

* Understands a few words such as "no-no" and "bye-bye." (not so much the bye bye)

* Begins developing certain concepts - for example, your child will retrieve a toy after he or she watched you put it under a blanket. (throwing such toys all around the room)

* May say "dada" or "mama" but not specifically. (the best!)

* Sits well independently. (at 7 months)

* Bangs two toys together. (throwing such toys around the room)

* the use of fingers and thumb to poke, pry, probe and pick up smaller and smaller objects (poke at the hole he has made in the play pen, pry open everything, picking up small objects at 7 mo)

* Sleeps through the night except for an occasional night wakening

- The 9-month-old has now learned to be "cool" or even a little afraid of certain strangers - even family members he or she does not see very often. (more like, don't bother me and pull at my hands or touch my face)
* The baby of this age also begins to take a dim view of being examined by their doctor. (as soon as the stethoscope appears, the tears stream)

* Often has one or both bottom front teeth. (sporting 5 teeth! three on the bottom, two on top and a one more on the way!)


Sasha said...

He is simply a cutie patootie ..

Happy 4th

Maryangella said...

Motherhood is the greatest gift!
Enjoy him to the max because one day you will wakr up and he will be 5 going on 6 or 2 going on 3.
Thanks for the love on my blog :)

Carola said...

Those pictures are so cute! Seth looks just like his Mommy...