Thursday, July 16, 2009

What's (Cherry) Poppin'

This kit was just adorable. There were so many wonderful double-sided papers, I didn't know which to choose. The Cosmo Cricut stickers were just so charming and the ribbons so fun! My layouts do not include the add-on kit, but hers does and so does hers. Their creations are just awesome!


leah said...

Love your projects, girl!! :)

Maryangella said...

Beautiful job, I love those pin wheels, you are so going to have to teach me how to make those, Leah tried explaining it to me but I am a hands on type of person. I was rushing when I posted yesterday so I just linked you on my blog :)
Have a great day and hope you got to pick up your papers.

Carola said...

Cute! Love all of them... :-)

Beatriz Guzman said...

Love your pages! I am crazy about those swirls! Great work my friend!
See you one of these weekends at the PN crop?